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The all New Mercedes-Benz Vito.. The versatile and real professional multipurpose mid-size vans

10 Aug 2017
Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the Authorized General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar, proudly presents the new Mercedes-Benz multipurpose Vito in Qatar. Offering tangible external strengths, great intrinsic values, maximum benefit and low costs, the new Mercedes-Benz Vito is the versatile and real professional among mid-size vans. Whether as a panel van, a people carrier or a mix of both – simply choose the best vehicle for your business. One thing is certain: the new Vito won’t shun any location or shirk any challenge.



From skilled crafts and trades to retail, service providers, shuttle services and taxis – the new Vito is truly one vehicle for all. The Vito panel van is the only model in its class available in three lengths; Compact (C), Long (L) and Extra-long (E). Meanwhile the Vito Mixto combines the advantages of a panel van with those of a crew bus. The new Vito Tourer sees Mercedes-Benz opening an entirely new chapter in passenger transport.

The new Vito Tourer: a specialist in professional passenger transport.

You set the course – and the new Vito Tourer will take care of everything else, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to transporting your passengers. With its wide range of configurations, seating from 2 to 9, along with numerous equipment choices, the new Vito Tourer is as individual as your passengers. Available in three basic designs – Vito Tourer BASE, Tourer PRO and Tourer SELECT – it serves all segments in the field of commercial passenger transport.

The Vito Mixto: panel van and crew cab combined in one.

The Vito Mixto makes life easy for you: whether if you have to transport people, cargo or both, the Vito Mixto is an economical, versatile and reliable partner. You can choose between a two- or three-passenger bench seat in the rear, and optionally equipped with a twin co-driver’s seat the Vito Mixto carries up to six people and still offers plenty of space for materials and equipment behind the bench seat.


The new Vito panel van: a load capacity that holds weight.

The Vito panel van takes plenty in its stride. Designed as a professional vehicle for demanding jobs, it is ideally suited to represent your business. Its specialty is its impressive load capacity, which just seems to keep on taking where others come unstuck. With an impressive payload of 1305 kg for the variant with 3.2 t GWV, the Vito can be referred to payload champion of its class. But payload isn’t everything: The Vito panel van also leads the way in terms of comfortable loading and cargo safety with its generous door openings, standard twin sliding doors as well as optional load-securing rails.

Performance: Powerful and efficient petrol engine.

The Vito uses the best of what Mercedes-Benz has to offer. The M274 is a well proven and tested turbocharged petrol engine known from other models. With a delivery of 211 Hp and 350 Nm (10 Nm more than the previous V6 engine) it delivers great performance with optimum efficiency.

In terms of power ratings and performance characteristics the engine in the Vito is tuned precisely to the requirements profile of a Mercedes-Benz van. From the air ducting and mass air flow sensor to the exhaust system, the engine is designed specifically for the Vito. Power delivery and drive ability, cold-starting properties and control of injection, noise characteristics and exemplary exhaust gas quality, as well as the measures employed to optimise fuel consumption, are all as you would expect from Mercedes-Benz and the new Vito.


Safety first with up to eight airbags and assists

As usual, Mercedes-Benz also sets a good example when it comes to protecting all of the vehicle’s occupants – with up to six airbags, including optional window bags and thorax/pelvis side bags for the driver and co-driver. The new Vito Tourer still enhances this safety level and can be regarded as the new benchmark in this regard with its maximum eight airbags for the driver and passengers. This optional assistant system constantly monitors the distance between your van and the vehicle in front, outputs an audible and visible warning before a potential collision and automatically boosts the braking power in the event of danger, helping you to avoid rear-end collisions. The new Vito's standard equipment also includes Attention Assist. Based on various parameters, it draws conclusions as to the driver's condition. More than 70 different measured variables are processed for this purpose. If Attention Assist detects signs of increasing inattention or drowsiness, the driver is warned acoustically and by a symbol on the instrument cluster to take a break.


Comfort: Deluxe seating and features

Air conditioning is as individual as the Vito itself: every customer can arrange these systems to suit their specific model and deployment scenario. TEMPMATIC semi-automatic climate control for the cab is optional. This controls the temperature automatically but airflow and distribution are set manually. THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control is even more convenient. With this two-zone system the driver and passenger are able to set their desired temperature individually. Furthermore, the air conditioning system of the Vito has been upgraded to enhance its performance when dealing with the tough weather conditions of the Middle East region. The three-passenger seat benches can be obtained with a folding outer seat to facilitate access to the rear (standard on the Vito Tourer SELECT). Thanks to the easy-entry function this seat can be folded forwards over the front anchor point in a single move and can also be removed separately.

Design: A body to show off

The new Vito impresses with a powerful-looking radiator grille. With its assertive and unmistakable look, the new Vito is clearly an eye catcher. The van complements the large range of the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles family with perfection. The bonnet of the new Vito is a dynamic arrow shape and constructed like a sculpture. It flows over into the side wall which, with its two elongated and slightly extravagant contours, indicates a level of dynamism.

The Vito at a glance

  • In terms of design, the new Vito is both eye-catching and functional with a high-quality, driver-friendly cockpit.
  • When it comes to safety, it’s good to know you have a specialist on your team – new assistance and safety systems put the new Vito ahead of the competition.
  • The new Vito combines a functional interior with impressive ride comfort, equipped with a wealth of practical stowage compartments for a tidy interior.
  • Every new Vito benefits from long service intervals of up to 15,000 km.
  • Ready when you are – in opting for the Vito you choose a vehicle you can rely on. A vehicle that offers the ultimate in availability, supporting you around the clock, wherever your work takes you

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