Ex-Factory Driving Aids

Discover mobile versatility and enjoy that unique Mercedes-Benz experience. Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of ex-factory driving aids for people with restricted mobility. Particular importance is also placed on fully retaining the vehicle’s operability by drivers without handicap and the full effect of the standard-specification safety equipment such as the steering wheel airbag or the kneebag in combination with the disability components.


Getting to your destinations on your own with ease is not an imagination, even if you have a disability. The drive to the office, a quick shopping, or visit to a friend is now accessible – completely independent.

Mercedes-Benz offers driving aids for many physical disabilities. Whether you need a spinner knob for your steering wheel, pedal extensions, or customised seats, we have the right solution for you in our portfolio. All our driving aids and seat customisations are available directly from the factory. This means we will tailor your new Mercedes-Benz to your needs. Without any retrofit conversion you will get two things from a single source: your vehicle and your desired modifications – all under a full warranty.


Refined Elegance

Enjoy mobility at its most elegant with one of our versatile hand control units for accelerating and braking. All our systems have one thing in common: they convince with their ergonomic design and are a great addition to your Mercedes. 

Hand Control Unit “Multima PRO”. This system works according to the principle: press forward to brake, pull back to accelerate. The “Multima PRO” takes up less space in the footwell, while its attractive and functional design allows an additional forward adjustment of the driver‘s seat.

Full Control

One of our control systems for accelerating and braking by hand is sure to be the perfect solution for you, whether you are already familiar with a specific system or are taking automotive mobility into your hands for the first time.

“Classic” hand control unit. To open the throttle you simply twist the handle clockwise. To apply the brakes you push the handle forward. The ergonomics of the “Classic” control unit ensure that you can drive even longer distances free of fatigue. As with our control units, the original accelerator and brake pedal remains fully functional. All hand control units are available with leather trim option.

Safety and Quality

The Mercedes-Benz driving aids and seat customisations are available directly from the factory. All products have been thoroughly examined, tested and finally approved by our development & engineering department. Safety and quality are top priority for our engineers and fully comply with the high Mercedes-Benz standards.

“Easy Speed” hand control unit

Optimum leverage, easy operation! You accelerate by means of a gentle downward movement of the control lever, whereby only the upper part moves. You brake by pushing the whole control arm forward. In this way the leverage force can be used to full effect. With “Easy Speed” you have one of the most slender hand controls available at your disposal. This means more legroom in the entire footwell and greater fore-and-aft adjustment of the driver’s seat

Accelerator pedal repositioning

Free of choice: Accelerate with the right or the left foot. The electrical repositioning of the accelerator pedal in your Mercedes features an additional accelerator pedal on the left side of the footwell. A switch on the center console in the cockpit allows you to choose conveniently between left-footed and right-footed accelerator pedal.

“MFD TOUCH” multi-function rotary knob

The “MFD TOUCH” is a steering wheel knob as well as a radio-based remote control for dipped-beam and main-beam headlamps, indicators, horn and windscreen wipers. Quick and easy operation is intuitively supported by the ergonomic keypad. Plus point: All these functions can be operated without having to let go of the steering wheel. The “MFD TOUCH” only functions in combination with a pre-installed electronic interface, which is also available separately.

When the steering wheel knob is not needed it can easily be removed from its mounting bracket.

Pedal extensions

Comfort and safety are also the hallmarks of our pedal extensions. They let you shorten the distance to the pedals by 5 to 10 cm. The extensions are mounted to the standard vehicle pedals and can be quickly removed by pulling them out of their snap-in mounts.