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Mercedes-Benz Oman Restores Customers’ Vehicles Back to Original Condition with Innovative SmallRepair Program

06 Oct 2017
Muscat – Always setting the standard in customer care and after-sales, Mercedes-Benz Oman is once again offering the innovative SmallRepair service for minor damage on customers’ vehicles as part of the ‘The Mercedes-Benz Expert Repair’ program. This outstanding initiative is available exclusively to Mercedes-Benz owners, bringing luxury vehicles back to their pristine condition quickly and at affordable costs by the SmallRepair specialist team, dedicated equipment and approved repair methods.

10Oct06 - Mercedes-Benz Oman Restores Customers’ Vehicles Back to Original Condition

“The ‘Best or Nothing’ is what Mercedes-Benz customers expect from us in all that we do. This promise extends to the automotive customer care given at the point of sale and beyond for the life of the vehicle. With this in mind, our SmallRepair Service, adds to the ownership experience because we understand how imperfections in the appearance of our customers’ vehicles can take away from the enjoyment of the car and this service marks the next generation of complete aftersales care at Mercedes-Benz,” said Lawrence Good, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Oman

Mercedes-Benz Oman makes this exclusive service as easy and convenient as possible. It guarantees that dealing with minor damage on the exterior of the vehicle is not turned into a tedious job. Part of the ‘Mercedes-Benz Expert Repair’ campaign, the SmallRepair service covers stone chips, scuffs and plastic repairs, where the damaged area is sanded, painted and finally polished, restoring the color and gloss of the finish to its original brilliance and beauty. Another unique feature in the service is the Paint-less Dent Removal where minor dents on the body panels are removed without having to paint them. This is achieved when the dent is carefully processed from within, resulting in a smooth finished surface. This service also includes restoring yellowed or clouded headlights and wheel repairs, where scratches and chips are quickly and easily removed.

Wherever possible SmallRepair takes care of damage and blemishes without replacing components. However, should replacement parts be necessary, only Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are used, ensuring safety and maintaining warranty protection, bringing the vehicle back to its original condition – quickly, professionally, and at an affordable cost.

All procedures are carried out by Mercedes-Benz expert technicians and according to the strict quality standards of Mercedes-Benz, using the most advanced tools and up-to-date repair techniques available. Dedicated Advisors are available to provide more information on the Service’s range of options and evaluate the application of SmallRepair to vehicle damage.