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Oman School Football League Interview Spokesperson: Lawrence Good, Mercedes-Benz Oman CEO

15 Jan 2017
As the world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz stands for an unparalleled combination of fascination, perfection and responsibility as a pioneer of automotive engineering and safety, the company continues to shape the future of mobility.

01Jan-15 Oman School Football League Interview Spokesperson

1. Can you share with us a brief on company profile?

As the world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz stands for an unparalleled combination of fascination, perfection and responsibility as a pioneer of automotive engineering and safety, the company continues to shape the future of mobility.

Mercedes-Benz Oman has had a special place in the hearts of Omani drivers since it first arrived in the Sultanate in 1972. Its keen appetite for exclusivity means Oman appreciates Mercedes-Benz as the ultimate in luxury, a timeless expression of innovation and style, offering a premium lifestyle in a way that others can only seek to emulate.

With showrooms in Muscat and Salalah, and facilities for commercial vehicles in Haima and Sohar, we are the exclusive Mercedes-Benz distributor in Oman for passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses.

2. Can you tell us what your impression of Oman School league is?

The whole team at Mercedes-Benz Oman is very excited about the League, not just for the part it will play in the future of football in Oman, but also for the opportunities and development for the young people involved.  This initiative will bring over 5000 students across Oman from over 250 schools together through competitive football, which is both ambitious and inspiring. Mercedes-Benz Oman is delighted to be the exclusive automotive sponsor of the Oman School League, a fantastic and inspiring initiative that will benefit young people across the Sultanate.

3. What are your expectations and aims from sponsoring the Oman School League?

Globally our brand has always been passionate and committed to the empowerment and development of the youth and this partnership is supporting the next generation of Oman’s football stars. As the first football league in the Sultanate for all private and public schools, we are expecting to see some great football talent discovered and nurtured through this program. The philosophy of Mercedes-Benz is ‘The Best or Nothing’ and we hope the Oman School League brings out ‘the Best’ in everyone who takes part.

We are eager to see how the football skills of the participants progress and are enthusiastic about the contribution the League will make to the standard of football in the Sultanate’s schools and indeed beyond. We also look forward to seeing how the players develop as team members and the friendships that will be made throughout the competition. We are confident that the lessons the players learn in this League – things like the importance of preparation, strategy, discipline, fair play, good sportsmanship and following a game plan - will help them achieve their ambitions and personal goals beyond the football field.

4. Can you tell us more about you corporate strategies to develop your employee’s health and physical fitness?

Mercedes-Benz Oman certainly promotes the health benefits of an active lifestyle to our employees. We all service our vehicles regularly, but so often, with the multiple demands of career and family we do not pay the same level of attention to our own bodies. Recognising this, we help our staff put the focus back on themselves and to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice. By prioritising the health and well-being of our workforce, we are encouraging our team to bring the best of themselves to the workplace every day. It’s a win-win for everyone.

This commitment is reflected in the Mercedes-Benz Oman staff sports days known as “Team Fit Day”, a competitive fun-filled day which promotes health and wellbeing amongst our staff. In addition, we have regular year round activities such as golf clinics at Al Mouj Golf and the Mercedes-Benz staff rugby team participates in events like the Mercedes-Benz Touch Rugby Tournament, which we proudly won last year.

5. What are some other youth development projects or sport initiatives that you would like to see implemented in Oman?

Oman’s enthusiastic and motivated young people are, without a doubt, the country’s most valuable asset and Mercedes-Benz Oman welcomes any initiative that supports and develops their talents, providing opportunities for them to flourish and achieve their goals and ambitions.

The Oman Football League is only in its first year and will offer an opportunity for thousands of young people in the Sultanate to get involved in organised sport. We would like to see this program grow to include more students and a wider range of age groups in the years to come and so we hope our partnership can continue into the future. The success of this initiative will hopefully encourage other programs to be made available and inspire businesses from all over the country to get behind youth sports.

6. What is your opinion about the performance on Oman media when it comes to sport news coverage?

The people of Oman have a tremendous appetite for sport – live, on TV and online and have always gotten behind local events. The coverage of the Oman School League by Oman TV, will make it a truly national event, bringing our sports loving nation together as one to celebrate the efforts of our young people and take pride in their achievements. Also, hopefully, through this exposure, the careers of our rising football stars will take off, inspiring other young people and even adults to get outside and enjoy some sport.

7. A word of advice that you would like to contribute to the youth players of Oman School League.

As a player in the Oman School League you will learn a lot of valuable lessons –the importance of preparation, strategy, discipline, respect, and teamwork. Mastery of these important qualities and skills, can be taken forward and applied to all aspects of your life and will in the longer term, play an important part in helping you achieve your ambitions and personal goals beyond sport.

8. A word of gratitude that you would like to share 

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Ministry of Education and Al Swayni Sports Services for organizing this League, a ground-breaking community-strengthening initiative that will encourage our young people to live active and healthy lifestyles, and contribute to their long-term personal development and success. We are very grateful for this opportunity to support a program that will have such a profound impact on so many young people