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Mercedes-Benz Oman Announces 130 Year Journey Campaign Winner

29 Nov 2016
Mercedes-Benz Oman has announced Oneeba Amjad Quddus Qazias the winner of 130 Year Journey Campaign competition and will receive an all-inclusive trip to Mercedes-Benz World in the United Kingdom. The online campaign took Mercedes-Benz Oman’s social media followers on a journey of the iconic brand’s history and covered over a century of innovations and inventions starting from the conception of the world’s first automobile.

11Nov-29 Mercedes-Benz Oman Announces 130 Year Journey Campaign Winner

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from our fans who enjoyed the evolution of our brand that begun with one man’s dream to revolutionize the automobile forever. Inspired by our story of how dreams can come true, our followers shared theirs with us for the chance to win. I am delighted for our prize winner Oneeba Amjad Quddus Qazi and I am certain she will enjoy Mercedes-Benz World’s countless attractions, exhibits and not to mention an opportunity to go on a hair-raising driving experience on the Handling Circuit,” said Lawrence Good, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Oman.

He added, “The ‘Best or Nothing’ is what Mercedes-Benz customers expect from us in all that we do. We have delivered on this promise with this innovative and engaging social media campaign which allowed us to connect with our fans, customers and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts on a personal level.”

The winner, Oneeba Amjad Quddus Qazi said, “I am very excited to have won this competition and to be going on this adventure to Mercedes-Benz World in the UK. I would like to thank Mercedes-Benz Oman for this opportunity and wish them all the best.”

As the lucky winner, Oneeba will receive a return ticket to the United Kingdom, as well as accommodation at the Brooklands Hotel in Surry and entry to Mercedes-Benz World, whereshe will enjoy a range of interactive attractions and ever-changing exhibitions spread over three levels on the famous Brooklands site in Weybridge. In addition, on the track, Oneeba will be able to put their driving skills to the test with a 30 minute Driving Experience out on the adrenalin pumping Handling Circuit.