Service & Repair

A responsibility we like to take.

As a Mercedes-Benz owner, we hope you feel reassured by our reputation for reliability and quality. In order to give you even greater peace of mind, every new Mercedes-Benz vehicle sold through the Mercedes-Benz network comes with a comprehensive two-year manufacturer warranty valid from the date of delivery, which can either be translated to the date of the first registration or initial operation. Your vehicle’s warranty is extended past the manufacturer warranty period, through TGF, by 1 year or 100,000km whichever comes first, entertainment and equipments to be excluded.

  • What does the warranty not cover?

    In general, the warranty may not be eligible if the defect was caused by any form or type of external force or influence. For example, following cases may be considered:

    • Improper handling of or excessive stress on the purchased item, e.g. during motor sport competitions or during driver training or other training measures or events.
    • Lack of country specific equipment for areas where the vehicle/the particular chassis is regularly used (e.g. especially equipment for low fuel quality) 
    • Not documenting or recording the fault at an authorized service partner.
    • Refusal on the part of a customer to have rectification performed promptly.
    • Attachments/modifications without authorization of Daimler AG.
    • Improper use, e.g. utilization of purchased item for trial or test purposes.
    • Preproduction vehicles (not intended for delivery use).
    • Use of parts other than Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, smart or SETRA genuine parts produced through the national organization.
    • Improper repair, maintenance, care or storage.
    • Changes to performance or model.
    • Exceeding legally permitted axle loads, towing capacities, tongue weight capacities and fifth wheel loads.
    • Natural and environmental influences such as hail, stone chipping, bird droppings, road salt, industrial fumes and industrial dust deposits, pollen and metal dust, floods, sea water, etc.

    Other items which cannot be invoiced via the warranty include:

    • Normal servicing and maintenance as per the service and maintenance specifications of Daimler AG
    • Wear parts, provided that this is natural wear due to operation
    • Parts with use-by date e.g. first aid kit, Tirefitetc.
    • All adjustment operations provided they are not required during elimination of a material defect
    • Recharging and maintenance of batteries
    • Glass damage, if it is not clearly proven that a manufacturing or plant installation fault was the cause of the damage.

    The cost of any related expenses or losses caused by the fault are not covered either. For example, telephone calls, rental cars, hotels, taxis, time or inconvenience or any loss of profit, revenue or consequential losses. 

  • Genuine Parts warranty facts

    Any Mercedes-Benz parts replaced within the warranty period are covered until the end of that existing warranty period. Any part replaced becomes the property of Mercedes-Benz.

    Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts that are purchased separately from the vehicle, come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase if installed in an Authorized Workshop.

  • Genuine Accessories warranty facts

    Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories ordered and included within the purchase price of the car (items listed on the same invoice) are covered within the car’s two-year warranty. However, items supplied and fitted by a Mercedes-Benz Official Workshop after the vehicle order, come with a one-year warranty, from the date of purchase.

  • How do I arrange a warranty repair?

    Our priority is to get you back on the road as quickly and effortlessly as we can. Following the steps below will ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible:

    Notify a Mercedes-Benz Authorised Workshop as soon as you notice any problem that may be due to a manufacturing fault.

    Allow the Mercedes-Benz Authorised Workshop to fully inspect the vehicle as they may not be able to diagnose all problems with a single inspection.

    Your Mercedes-Benz Authorised Workshop will also need to see your vehicle’s service and repair history to ensure the problem is not caused by incorrect service or repair work.

    Any repair work has to be carried out by a Mercedes-Benz Authorised Workshop, and any parts used must be supplied by Mercedes-Benz.

    Any faulty parts that have been replaced as part of a warranty repair will become the property of Mercedes-Benz.