Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is our vision of accident free and ever more comfortable driving. We develop intelligent technologies that actively support drivers, making life at the wheel noticeably easier. Innovations such as the optional DISTRONIC PLUS, the LED Intelligent Light System, the optional COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST or the two optional Parking packages with Active Parking Assist and 360-degree camera, also play their part in ensuring that you and your passengers can safely enjoy every kilometer that you travel. Available for the first time are the option Active Brake Assist and the Highbeam Assist Plus making the new V-Class even safer.

Highbeam Assist Plus.

Another new safety feature is the optional Highbeam Assist Plus. In main-beam mode, Highbeam Assist Plus supports the driver with a permanent, broad illumination of the roadway. In the event of vehicles in front or oncoming traffic, the LEDs of the main-beam module are partially deactivated and thus create a U-shaped cut-out in the cone of light. The remaining areas of the roadway continue to be illuminated with the main-beam headlamps (partial main beam).

Active Brake Assist*.

For the first time ever, the V-Class can be ordered with Active Brake Assist. It can detect when there is a risk of collision with a vehicle ahead and gives an initial visual and acoustic signal. If the driver reacts, the Active Brake Assist builds up braking pressure adequate to the situation. In addition, the Active Brake Assist can break autonomously up to still stand, if the driver does not react independently and adequately. In urban traffic, the Active Brake Assist can also react to stationary obstacles or pedestrians crossing.


Collision prevention assist.

COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system provides an audible and visual warning if a possible collision is detected, thereby significantly reducing the risk of an accident. The system continuously monitors the gap to the next vehicle and optimizes braking performance accordingly.

Distronic Plus.

The radar-based DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control automatically maintains the distance to the vehicle in front and takes the strain off the driver, for example when driving on the motorway or in stop-and-go traffic. DISTRONIC PLUS accelerates automatically and brakes with a maximum of half of the braking power in order to maintain the safe distance. If DISTRONIC PLUS detects that heavier braking is required by the driver, an intermittent warning tone is sounded and a warning symbol lights up in the instrument cluster.