GLC Coupé

There are personalities you notice instantly. Due to their appearance. Their self-assurance. And their unique character. The new GLC Coupé is just like that, combining the best characteristics of an SUV and a Coupé.

A design that moves you. And that's before you even start to drive.

The GLC Coupé presents itself as strikingly athletic and sportier than ever. Its exciting design combines the best features of an SUV and a Coupé in one single vehicle.


Different every metre of the way. Special at every glance.

The new GLC Coupé is exciting in its own unique way. More dynamic and sportier than ever.


A new take on extraordinary.

Innovative technologies, intelligent driving assistance systems and a new engine line-up make the Coupé a paragon of sportiness, safety and efficiency.


More than an SUV. More than a Coupé. More than ever before.

The new-generation GLC Coupé is a blend of exceptional and sophisticated features, further underlining its leading position with this combination of style and ability.


The ideal combination of dynamics and aesthetics.

The stylish appearance of the new Coupé generation encapsulates the Sensual Purity design philosophy and combines the flexibility of an SUV with the sense of style and sportiness of a Coupé. The A-pillars have a more pronounced slope, which lowers the roof silhouette.


The GLC Coupé model.

The new GLC Coupé combines the best qualities of an SUV and a coupé. It is sportier and more contemporary than ever before.