A muffled rumble announces its arrival. The ground starts to shake. The air begins to vibrate. Then the G-Class turns the corner. Miles of highway opening up before it. It accelerates and starts to really shift. Unfamiliar terrain? On the contrary. Those who think the new G-Class is only in its element off the road couldn’t be more wrong. On the road, it soon becomes clear that the off-roader knows no compromise.

G 500: Overcomes obstacles at the push of a button.

Even the toughest of conditions pose little problem to the new G-Class. The low-range gearbox adjusts the shift ranges of the 9G-TRONIC transmission to driving in off-road terrain and on uphill gradients. Pressing the LOW RANGE button in the centre console increases the torque at the wheels. As a result, negotiating very difficult off-road terrain, moving off on extreme uphill gradients as well as driving downhill are all possible with significantly enhanced braking performance.


With 9 gears and double-declutching function, this transmission allows extremely dynamic acceleration and ultra-short shift times as well as a fuel-saving driving style. The systematic further development of hardware and software has made it possible to further optimise the reaction times. This means that the driver's shift commands can be carried out faster than ever before. Gear changes are performed with no interruption in tractive power. Ultra-fast, responsive multiple downshifts are another forte of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 9G-TRONIC. The driver can change via kickdown directly from 9th into 6th or from 5th into 2nd gear, for example.

More statics for more dynamics.

Trust is good, control is better. The new axle architecture ensures that this is the case. Demanding terrain calls for high ground clearance and outstanding traction. Both are assured thanks to the precise independent front suspension and the robustness of the rigid axle at the rear. This design enables the permanent all-wheel drive to deliver its full power and manoeuvre the G through the terrain with purpose. With its high links, the new independent suspension provides maximum ground clearance. On the road, too, the new axle architecture delivers tangibly enhanced performance, making the new G-Class an impressive proposition with its better controllability and more precise wheel location. Furthermore, the off-roader is lighter, which further improves its handling.


Stamina means everything in tough terrain. Here there’s no room for buckling or retreating. Here it’s all about character. And strength of character shines through in the vehicle’s backbone. In the case of the G-Class, this has always been the exceptionally robust ladder frame. Made from sheet steel up to 3.4 mm thick, the ladder frame is much more suitable for tough off-road use than a self-supporting body. In addition to this, the decoupling of the noise from the suspension and the road reduces the interior noise level and thus enhances the ride comfort.