That this is a contemporary interpretation of a legend is also evident, for example, from the car's clear, geometric lines: climbing aboard the G-Class reveals styling elements from the exterior transposed into the interior. The G-Class has now undergone the most significant transformation of its almost 40-year career, in technical as well as stylistic terms - while still managing to stay true to itself.
  • Interior

    Widescreen cockpit.

    The instrument display provides previously unknown options for driver information. This is a digital instrument cluster that, together with the multimedia system display, forms the Widescreen Cockpit. All information is presented in high resolution and in colour on the 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) instrument display. The driver can choose between the 3 display styles "Classic", "Sporty" and "Progressive". The digital display allows a more variable presentation of the content and brings vehicle functions – such as assistance systems –. (Widescreen cockpit is optional)

    Burmester Surround Sound System.

    15 high-performance speakers, a 10-channel DSP amplifier with a total output power of 590 W and also amplifier/speaker systems configured specifically for the vehicle make for the first-class Burmester sound. Alongside outstanding sound, the high-quality stainless steel bezels underscore the exclusive interior. If required, this impressive listening experience can be upgraded even further. The surround function generates a virtual all-round sound for maximum spatial impact. (Burmester Surround Sound System is optional)


    The G-Class is over 12 cm wider and 5 cm longer. The expanded interior offers substantially more comfort on campaigns of conquest around the world. This includes 150 mm more legroom in the rear.

  • Safety

    Driving Assistance.

    This package brings together some of our most advanced safety systems to help you avoid accidents and enjoy a more relaxing driving experience. These intelligent technologies not only warn you of impending danger, but also actively intervene if required. Semi-automated driving on motorways, country roads and even in town, autonomous braking in critical situations when needed, and active support during evasive manoeuvres – these are just some of the functions of the Driving Assistance package. The aim: more comfort and less stress by relieving the driver's workload, thereby improving safety for all road users.

    Parking package with 360 camera.

    When driving off-road, the new G-Class parks where it wants. In the city, there are two optional equipment packages which can assist with parking. The Parking package with reversing camera makes it easier to both find a parking space and to enter and leave parallel or end-on parking spaces. It consists of a reversing camera and Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC. The Parking package with 360° camera, meanwhile, allows parking and manoeuvring with a realistic all-round view provided by four networked cameras and even gets the new G-Class into tight spaces with ease. (Parking package is optional)


    The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps enable high beam to be left on without dazzling other road users. Individually controllable LEDs direct the light precisely so as to blank out other vehicles whilst illuminating the surroundings with almost daytime levels of brightness.

    The light pattern is directed precisely where it is required via 84 individually controllable LEDs. A total of four control units calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times per second using information from a camera located behind the windscreen.

  • Exterior

    G 63: AMG-specific grille.

    The AMG radiator trim impresses with vertical louvres and a central star in high-gloss chrome. As such, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 differs significantly from the entry-level model in that the dynamic character of the vehicle is brought to the fore.


    The light-alloy wheels have striking, powerful design with wheel sizes from 18" up to 22". There are a wide new range of standard and optional wheels available.

    Sliding sunroof.

    The power sliding sunroof provides pleasant ventilation in the interior. As it is made of glass, it also gives the interior of the vehicle a brighter feel. A movable headlining affords protection against the sun. If the system detects rain, the open roof moves to the tilt position.