After almost 40 years, it was time for some big decisions. Starting with the grab handle – which stays where it is. Indispensable in off-road terrain, the handle is also a key element of the interior’s characteristic design. It is just as much a part of the unmistakable DNA of the G-Class as the spare wheel, door handles and direction indicators – all iconic features which have defined the distinctive appearance of the G-Class for generations. There are also plenty of changes, however: the fully revised interior design scales new heights. Here the design idiom and the interior proportions leave no doubt that this is the G-Class: confident, chiselled, iconic.

Exterior: Stronger than asphalt.

There are moments in which time seems to stand still. Reverential silence then reigns supreme. The G-Class is made for moments like these. There can be no doubt: it is timeless. Thanks to its characteristic design. Its corners and edges are still there. Even though the entire vehicle has been almost completely revised. The new G-Class is over 12 cm wider and 5 cm longer, for example. The expanded interior offers substantially more comfort on campaigns of conquest around the world.

Interior: Endless expanses.

It’s as if nature has acted as the model for the generously appointed, spacious interior of the new G-Class – which provides outstanding comfort in even the most inhospitable of surroundings. The new space concept makes the G-Class a paragon of comfort and spaciousness for all occupants. Even the interior design has taken a quantum leap forward. Those who love freedom and exceptional design will find both here.

Stronger than time.

Some time ago, a group of engineers in Stuttgart and Graz developed an all-new genetic code: the DNA of a cross-country vehicle – iconic, robust and almost indestructible. They constructed parts whose functions even now fulfil their purpose in the same way. Components which, over generations, have combined to form a unique character. They created a design which eschewed short-lived trends and thought nothing of fancy gimmickry. A timeless vehicle which, over time, was to become a legend – stronger than time.

Intelligence squared.

With no natural enemies off the road, it’s hardly surprising that it wants to call the shots on the road, too. The new G-Class impresses thanks to its axle architecture with exact wheel location, precise steering and, consequently, tangibly enhanced on-road performance. In addition to this, a wealth of assistance systems further enhances road safety. Intelligent Drive, included as standard, makes the off-roader the most intelligent G-Class of all time. All for when the G wants to show what it can do away from the wild.

Securely in place.

Hold your breath. Ahead lies nothing but rugged rock and steep slopes. Blocking the view but not the route. Thanks to a low centre of gravity which enhances its off-road capability, the new G-Class is utterly unfazed as it manoeuvres up and down the gradients. Its unique design helps it to remain stable even when tilted to the extreme – up to 35° – with consummate ease. So the only thing which seems to be askew is the horizon.