S-Class Sedan

Economy and opulence are not mutually exclusive concepts, but ones that complement each other perfectly. The S-Class makes its debut with a redesigned generation of engines. With the most intelligent assistance systems in its class. With sensory stimuli that captivate both body and soul.

As in Formula 1. Now also in the S-Class.

The new V8 biturbo engine in the S 560 has a fascination of its own, thanks to the Mercedes-AMG high-performance components used. The “hot inside V”, as it is called, gives the car the same sort of turbocharging technology as is used in Formula 1. The two turbochargers are located within the “V” of the cylinder banks; this makes for compact dimensions, optimum response times and low exhaust emissions. This configuration also includes an intelligent cylinder shutoff system that helps to reduce fuel consumption, since wherever appropriate the engine will operate in an efficient 4-cylinder mode. If more output is required, the additional cylinders kick back into action in just fractions of a second. Add to this the smooth running that is such a hallmark of the S-Class and the result is a unique and exciting combination.

Using innovation to counteract lateral forces.

The MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension is an option that combines the active chassis suspension with continuously adjustable dampers and ROAD SURFACE SCAN. With the aid of a stereo camera, the carriageway surface ahead is scanned precisely to allow the damping of each individual wheel to be optimally adjusted in advance to the impending bumps. The new curve inclination function has the effect of causing the body of the vehicle to lean inwards by up to 2.65 degrees on bends. In this way the lateral forces experienced are significantly reduced, so noticeably enhancing both dynamic handling and comfort.

Faster, smoother, more efficient.

Featuring nine forward speeds, this automatic transmission takes efficiency, comfort and dynamics to a completely new level. It is the world's first 9-speed automatic transmission with hydrodynamic torque converter in the premium segment. The wider ratio spread allows a reduction in engine speed. Performance remains excellent, while ride comfort is enhanced and noise levels are reduced. Faster shift changes allow even more spontaneity and agility. At the same time, 9G-TRONIC impresses with its smooth gear changes. As 9G-TRONIC is able to skip individual gears, multiple downshifts are possible for fast and powerful sprints.

Individualised driving style at your fingertips.

At a touch of DYNAMIC SELECT in the centre console, drivers can choose between comfortable, sporty and efficient driving styles, or their own individually defined style. To achieve this, parameters such as the engine, transmission, suspension and steering characteristics are adjusted according to the selected drive mode. The default setting is the well-balanced and fuel-efficient "Comfort" mode. Greater agility and dynamism is offered by the "Sport" mode with more progressive steering characteristics, harder suspension tuning, spontaneous throttle response and modified shift points. Sportiness can thus be yet further enhanced. In this case, the suspension and powertrain are even more dynamically tuned. The ECO start/stop function is deactivated.