S-Class Sedan

The new flagship model has been comprehensively modernised and is confirming its role as a technological trailblazer with new engines and enhanced driving assistance systems. The top-of-the-range model of Mercedes-Benz takes another big step towards autonomous driving and elevates Intelligent Drive to the next level. The undisputed leader in the premium segment with regard to comfort and wellness sets new standards in the interior. 

Constantly reinventing itself. Never changing.

Successive generations of S-Class Sedan have raised the bar for automotive design and engineering but this latest incarnation exceeds all expectations. Combining class-leading levels of luxury and safety with exceptional performance, it is a car created entirely without compromise.


No need to prove anything to anyone. Except to itself.

Economy and opulence are not mutually exclusive concepts, but ones that complement each other perfectly. The S-Class makes its debut with a redesigned generation of engines. With the most intelligent assistance systems in its class. With sensory stimuli that captivate both body and soul.


An impressive way of slowing things down.

There are just so many technologies that are designed to speed up our lives. With the S-Class, we present a package of equipment and appointments designed to put your world on pause for just a moment: ENERGIZING Comfort control, for example, involves the intelligent combination and activation of colours, sounds, lights, fragrances and even seat massage functions. Even small impulses can revitalise or relax and, by doing so, improve performance.


Attracts so much attention. Now even more attentive in return.

What can we give someone who’s already been everywhere? What surprises are left, when every upcoming situation is foreseen in advance? How do you persuade people who are themselves already experts in persuasion? By showing attention. By showing respect. By showing appreciation. In each case to a hitherto unknown level. Enjoy the S-Class. Feel Intelligent Drive.


A whole new dimension of driving.

A host of innovations in efficiency, comfort and automated driving make the best car in the world even better. The S-Class is opening up a whole new dimension of driving and underscoring its position as the leading manufacturer in the luxury automobile segment.


The S-Class Sedan Models.

The enhanced design of the S-Class conveys an even greater sense of status and the highest level of technological expertise. It also makes a leap forward in technology with its state-of-the-art drive system generation.