S-Class Coupé

A passing glance. A beguiling thought. And the next moment youʼre caught up in a tide of emotion. Itʼs nice to know that those breathtaking encounters that enrich our lives still exist. Just take a look at the S-Class Coupé – pure temptation. Youʼre allowed to weaken here. As you gaze at the exclusive detail, stroke the soft leather, and marvel at the superlative manufacturing quality, all of the instruments and displays have a top-class glazed finish. The Touch Control buttons react to your every movement as if they could read your mind. When did you last give in to temptation?

Forms of nature.

How it all begins: with a design idiom that leaves you speechless. We are enthralled by the typical proportions of a large, sporty coupé. And the long bonnet with powerdomes, the elegant roof line and the frameless side windows. But we wanted more. A technology leader, a new symbol for modern luxury.


Whips the wind.

The S-Class Coupé delivers an astonishing new level of efficiency and features impressive high-performance components from the world of motorsport. The new V8 biturbo engine has a fascination of its own, thanks to the Mercedes-AMG high-performance components used.


The strongest willpower doesn't stem from the mind.

An instinctive awareness of whatʼs right. No ifs, no buts. Just pure conviction. Thatʼs not only the feeling the S-Class Coupé evokes, but what its technology delivers too, with next-generation driving assistance systems that can analyse even more effectively and act even faster.


Experience it all. With no regrets.

Welcome to the world of modern luxury. A choice of three leather interiors in combination with a host of trim features in hand-crafted quality make the touch and feel inside a journey of discovery in its own right. The gently sweeping dashboard appears to hover in space and conjures up an exclusive, modern lounge character. Seven different light moods serve to complement this interior feel. Climb aboard and enter a whole new world.


Beyond our boldest dreams.

Every line we draw, every invention we make, every material we use gives rise to a growing realisation that the fruits of our efforts will always surpass our original visions.


The S-Class Coupé models.

With unmistakable design and materials with superlative value appeal in the interior, the S‑Class Coupé is the embodiment of contemporary luxury. The further-developed design exudes even greater sportiness while showcasing the technical expertise.