E-Class Sedan

When you drive through the city, it will feel as if youʼre just floating along. You will reach your destinations more quickly and safely, as the E-Class is always well-informed and alert. Thanks in part to newly developed driving assistance and safety systems – such as the world firsts PRE-SAFE<sup>®</sup> Sound and optional PRE-SAFE<sup>®</sup> impulse side. The latter feature moves the driver and front passenger into a more favourable position in the event of a side crash.


Different pilot and assistance functions can noticeably take the strain off the driver in terms of driving tasks, particularly when it comes to automatically controlling distance and speed as well as assistance with steering. For example, Steering Pilot generates steering torque which helps the driver to keep the vehicle in the centre of its lane on straight roads and slight bends, taking its guidance from vehicles ahead and lane markings. While the Distance Pilot DISTRONIC works in the speed range from 0 to 210 km/h, also reacting to stationary vehicles at low speeds.

MULTIBEAM LED headlamps.

High-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, each with 84 individually controlled high-performance LEDs, automatically illuminate the road with a hitherto unsurpassed, precision-controlled distribution of exceptionally bright light which respond with extreme speed and precision for optimum illumination of the road – without dazzling others. Additionally, when unlocking the vehicle, the locator lighting greets the driver with an exceptional light display. Initially the headlamps flash yellow, then a blue LED is activated to highlight the "Mercedes-Benz" lettering, after which this transforms into the white locator lighting. Adding a final touch of perfection to the Intelligent Light System from Mercedes-Benz.

PRE-SAFE Impulse Side: all-round protection.

It is inherent in the architecture of a vehicle that the sides tend to be particularly exposed in the event of a collision. Our engineers rose to this challenge and came up with PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side. When a side collision is identified as being unavoidable, the newly developed system controls the in ation of air chambers in the seat’s side bolster. This takes place in a fraction of a second. As a preventive measure, the occupants can be moved towards the centre of the vehicle, thus increasing their distance from the door.

PRE-SAFE Sound: A sound solution for the future.

The human ear is exposed to noise involving high levels of sound pressure in an accident. We have developed a technology that can provide vehicle occupants’ inner ears with advance warning: PRE-SAFE® Sound. Upon the vehicle’s sensors detecting an impending hazardous situation, a short noise signal is output via the vehicle’s audio system. This triggers a reflex in the inner ear: the stapedius muscle contracts, briefly reducing the ear drum’s level of contact with the inner ear. As a result,the inner ear is prepared for the impending situation and thus protected more effectively from high sound pressure levels.

Rear Seat Safety package

Outer rear seat safety can be enhanced by the Rear Seat Safety package. It includes rear sidebags on the left and right to protect occupants in the event of heavy side impacts. The beltbags can further reduce the forces exerted on the occupants in the event of a frontal impact.