The MBUX Interior Assistant on board the new CLA allows intuitive, non-contact gesture control of various comfort, convenience and MBUX functions. A camera in the overhead control unit recognises movements which the driver and front passenger make with their hands and arms in the area of the touchscreen or touchpad and adapts the presentation on the media display in accordance with the given configuration. In addition there are personal favourite functions which can be selected by forming a "V" with your index finger and middle finger.

Mercedes me connect.

Mercedes me connect enables your car to share information in real time with your Mercedes-Benz Retailer to help with vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, and more.

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You'll come to love it like your smartphone. Digitisation makes so much possible. The most intuitive, cutting-edge way of operating a car, for example. MBUX makes the new CLA a strong partner. The system keeps learning and above all gets to know the driver a little better every day. It can remember your favourite songs and the way to work. It then tunes in automatically to the right radio station or shows you a faster way if your usual route is congested. All by itself and as a matter of course, if that is what you want.


The new CLA hangs on your every word with the new LINGUATRONIC natural voice control system. It actually understands the vehicle's occupants without having to learn any commands beforehand. And it talks to you. Reading out text messages, or dictating one and sending it? No problem. It can check the weather at your destination, change the radio station or get you home by the fastest route. It takes only two words: "Hey, Mercedes." and the new CLA is all ears.

Parking Assist.

Relaxed parking. The duo of Active Parking Assist and 360° camera supports you in looking for a parking space, as well as when entering and leaving a parking space and manoeuvring. The all-round view thanks to the 360° camera including a virtual bird's-eye view is particularly impressive.


Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function.

Attentive and always at the ready: Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function provides you with visual and audible warnings when you are too close to the vehicle in front and can assist you with braking or carry out autonomous braking in an emergency.
In dangerous situations and at speeds of up to 60 km/h the innovative cross-traffic function can recognise crossing traffic and crossing pedestrians and help to prevent collisions. The tailback emergency braking function can recognise stationary vehicles and bring your vehicle to a standstill in good time.