With their sporty but functional design, the new Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC, CLA 45 4MATIC+ and CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ represent enormous driving pleasure and suitability for everyday use in the compact sports car segment.

The Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC

The Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC marks the entry into the exciting world of Mercedes-AMG Driving Performance – sporty, emotional and with enormous driving pleasure. The visually stunning and technically impressive vehicle is also the entry point into the AMG model range in terms of pricing.

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The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC

The new Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC+ and CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ stand for absolute high performance and unique, advanced design. As such they tie in with the successful predecessors and just like them continue to take on a pioneering role among compact four-door coupés. The powerful 45-series models bring customers enormous driving pleasure, and impress with state-of-the-art technology and hallmark AMG sports car flair. With its expressive look the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 clearly differentiates itself from the AMG Line and the CLA 35.

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