C-Class Sedan

Technological prowess is what the C-Class is about. It can keep its distance and maintain its course as it assists the driver when it matters. Innovative standard or optional driving assistance systems provide the driver with even more support than ever.

The road to perfect vision.

The Adaptive MULTIBEAM LED headlamps make it possible to react to all sorts of traffic conditions with its individually controllable LEDs. The ULTRA RANGE main beam increases the range to the permitted maximum, Partial Main Beam omits other drivers, and the Active Light System and cornering lights optimally light up the field of vision.

A fortress of innovation and safety.

The new Driving Assistance Package take the strain off the driver and reduce the risk of accidents. The top-notch safety and assistance systems scan your surroundings, detect danger and apply the brakes autonomously, protecting you from all risk.

A display your way.

Choose what you want the display in your C-Class to look like with three different display styles—Classic, Progressive and Sporty. Each of these features have their own style to match your individuality. Each of these also enable you to choose display information based on your requirements.

All the control in your hands.

The new steering wheel with Touch Control buttons further elevate your driving experience in the C-Class. Each steering wheel button is a modern, mini display, with each having its own use and specific function. With all the control at the tip of your fingers, you can enjoy an undeterred performance-oriented drive.

Recharge without being tied down

Charge your phone on the go with Wireless Charging on the C-Class. Place your phone on the center console and enjoy your drive to the fullest without having cables clutter up your beautiful car.