C-Class Coupé

A marvel on the roads, the design of the new C-Class Coupé leaves you with unfiltered emotions. The new front and rear apron raise the car to new levels of athleticism and sportiness. Flowing forms characterise the centre console as well as the door and rear side panelling, which smoothly merge into one another to emphasise the coupé character.

A powerful force on the road.

The sporty diamond radiator grille, flowing lines and distinctive shoulders show the C-Class Coupé in top form. The new C-Class Coupé is lighter than its predecessor with intelligent lightweight construction and a higher proportion of aluminium. At the same time, the body is a lot stronger, because of the use of high-strength materials. All the new features harmoniously come together to produce a car that’s enticing, sporty and super luxurious. 

Feels as good as it looks.

The interior of the C-Class Coupé is designed to perfection. Your gaze sweeps over the car and it leaves nothing left to be desired. The new luxurious features include four seats made with premium upholstery, high quality materials used throughout the interiors and impeccable finishes. These features along with the ambient lighting, give the car a very classy lounge like appearance.

Bright on the inside.

The panoramic sliding sunroof gives you a feeling of freedom and elevates the ambience inside the car. The generous sliding sunroof opens up to give you pleasant brightness in the interior. When viewed from the outside, the large sunroof lends the car an extremely unique visual impression.

An exquisite beast in the night.

Full of character and expressive style, the Night Package adds some striking highlights in the form of exclusive black design elements. The perfect car for those who love design, the Night Package emphasises the sporty character and the athletic design idiom of your car.

Sheer brilliance on the road.

The LED High Performance headlamps are a great addition to the C-Class Coupé. They illuminate your way and give you enhanced security by making sure everything is brought into your line of vision. While the striking design of the lights stand out during the day, the brilliance from them cuts through the night, displaying their technical prowess.