A-Class Sedan

The A-Class Sedan also features the MBUX multimedia systems with a triad of touch control options - touchscreen, Touch Control buttons and touchpad - and the natural voice recognition of LINGUATRONIC. Comfort, media or driving functions are bundled together in theme displays and are available to be called up as required. With Mercedes-Benz on-demand equipment, the scope for customers is extended even when configuring their vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

Gain completely new insights thanks to the A-Class, such as insights into the road. The system uses a specical camera to illustrate the enviornment as a moving or still image on the display of the multimedia system, in an innovative and informative way. It supplements virtual objects or markings and thus facilitates finding your destination. Totally intuitive and intelligent.

Smartphone integration.

Sending text messages or scrolling through contacts is also no problem at all. In the A-Class you can use your smartphone without having to pick it up. Use USB, WLAN or NFC to connect to the vehicle. The conveniently control almost all apps and functions via the multimedia system display using the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel. It's like magic.