A-Class Hatchback

Feel what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the world’s most powerful 4-cylinder production engine. Once seen, the new aerodynamic A-Class is never forgotten.

New Dynamic Select features

A small button with an astonishingly big effect. DYNAMIC SELECT offers different drive programs with setting options for the engine, transmission, chassis and steering, among others. With the Sport mode you drive decidedly dynamically, and with the basic Comfort program, very harmoniously. ECO, on the other hand, places the emphasis on maximum efficiency, saving fuel.

Sports Direct-Steer system

The multifunction sports steering wheel is a model of ergonomics – including a touch-control button on the left and right. You can use it to control a multitude of navigation, telephony and entertainment functions. You can even program your personal preference when it comes to the display style: everything under control, with minimal distraction.

The engines

The new diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz are now available from the compact class to the luxury class. With these engines, Mercedes-Benz vehicles achieve average nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions of between 40 and 60 milligrams per kilometer over many thousands of kilometers of driving on the road under the conditions of the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) measuring method. This is made possible by an innovative package of combining engine and exhaust-gas aftertreatment, which has been introduced consistently over the past two years as part of the new generation of engines and is continuously being developed further.

New A-Class. New efficiency.

ECO mode gives you particularly comprehensive support if you want to avoid CO2 and pollutants. The seat heating and air conditioning work with reduced output in this setting and thus also save valuable energy. With Individual mode you choose all the respective parameters yourself. This means that you can select a sporty setting for the drive system and at the same time have a comfortable setting for the chassis.

Lowest Drag-Aerodynamics

The A-Class achieves its excellent aerodynamics amongst other things thanks to its optimised engine compartment and underbody panelling design.

A variety of measures are applied to the aerodynamic design, the drivetrain and the auxiliary assemblies of the A-Class to cut fuel consumption and emissions. The intelligent driver information additionally motivates the driver to adopt a fuel-efficient driving style.