Car Configurator

The car configurator is currently being updated and will be available again soon.


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Select Your Model

Begin the Configurator process by selecting your favourite Mercedes-Benz model. Decide between our full range of vehicles, including our famous Sedans, powerful SUV’s and Sport cars.

Build Your Engine

Find a range of engine options to choose from, whether it’s for everyday use or more performance focused, you can build a Mercedes-Benz engine specific to your own driving requirements and preferences.

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Special Model & Packages

Go the extra mile and have a choice from a number of special packages included with your Mercedes-Benz car. Add extra storage space, have an enhanced central locking system or gain a little help with the lane tracking package.

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Paint Colour & Rims

Decide on the exterior colour of your vehicle from the standard and metallic options on offer. Next, choose the size of your wheels and the colour of the rims to give your car that unique finishing touch.

Interior Selection

Personalise your car interior with seat upholstery and dashboard trim finishes. Select from high-quality, premium materials, including soft fabric and luscious leather for the ultimate comfort and impeccable finishes throughout.

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Add Your Equipment

Finally, choose the exterior and on-board equipment to give your Mercedes-Benz that edge over someone else’s. Select the car’s radio & communication functionality, add the latest security & technology features, or simply trust us with the pre-selected options.

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