<p>To give the driver even more assistance and deal with the situation effectively, we have revolutionised the car once more: a Mercedes-Benz is now able to “see” better in all the dimensions. It has an even better view of the road and other road users, and it can react to what it sees.</p> <p>We have developed a stereo camera system that is capable of seeing in three dimensions.Together with further sensors, this produces a 360° all-round view – a precise image of the surroundings. If the driving assistance and safety systems detect danger, they can respond within a fraction of a second to provide the driver with the right assistance for the situation in hand. By braking or performing an evasive manoeuvre in dangerous situations. Or by dimming part of main beam for the benefit of oncoming traffic, for example. Pioneer of innovation – Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive once again underlines our ambition to lead and points the way ahead to accident-free and autonomous driving.</p>