Service & Repair

Care like no other, for a car like no other.

Keep your Mercedes-Benz looking like new inside and out with specially formulated shampoo, paint cleaner, polish, and other products from the Mercedes-Benz Car Care Product Collection. Each product is meticulously designed to clean, protect, and maintain the original Mercedes-Benz appearance that was love at first sight.

  • Exterior Care

    From dust and dirt to more grating contaminants like road grime and tree sap, maintaining the exterior of your Mercedes-Benz requires careful cleaning. We recommend using Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products, available at your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, for the best results.

    Vehicle Wash Tips

    Remove loose contaminants that have not bonded to the paint finish by washing your Mercedes-Benz using a vehicle shampoo, such as Mercedes-Benz Car Shampoo, and water:

    • Mix one ounce (approx. four capfuls) of car shampoo per gallon of water
    • Rinse the entire vehicle with a strong spray of water
    • Starting at the top, wash one section of the vehicle at a time using a soft, clean sponge, towel or sheepskin wash mitt. Rinse both the vehicle and the wash mitt thoroughly before you continue to the next section
    • After a final overall rinse, wipe your vehicle dry with a natural chamois or 100% terry toweling (use of any type of toweling other than thick nap, clean, 100% cotton terry cloth may cause swirl marks)

    Never wash the vehicle unless it is cool and in the shade, and avoid using dishwashing detergents, which may cause paint to fade and oxidize. We recommend the use of Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products, available online at the Collection or from your authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

    Wash Frequency

    How often you should wash your vehicle depends on the conditions where you live and drive. Wash your vehicle more frequently in the winter months or if you live near the coast, where ocean salt is more prevalent.


    Restore a smooth finish prior to polishing your Mercedes-Benz by using Mercedes-Benz Paint Cleaner to remove surface oxidation, stains or blemishes that did not wash off in Step One:

    • Apply a liberal amount of paint cleaner to a clean terry cloth or sponge applicator
    • Work one section at a time, rubbing the product thoroughly and evenly into the finish
    • When dry, wipe with a clean terry towel to restore a smooth finish prior to polishing and waxing


    For exceptional protection for your Mercedes-Benz, we recommend polishing your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Paint Care. Paint Care can help to remove light surface problems and polishes your vehicle´s finish to a brilliant high gloss, coating it with a complex layer of waxes, silicones, polymers, and resins.

    • Use a sponge applicator or soft cotton terry cloth to apply Paint Care evenly to the entire vehicle, one section at a time
    • Remove residue with another soft towel
  • Interior Care

    While the outward appearance of your Mercedes-Benz is most noticeable to others, the interior is what you see most often. To keep your interior surfaces shining and your seats looking and feeling their best, we recommend using Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products, designed specifically for the needs of your Mercedes-Benz interior.

    Upholstery and Trim Care

    The complex formula of Mercedes-Benz Interior Care removes contaminants, restores and protects all MB-Tex, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces (including tires), and leaves them with a low-gloss finish.

    Leather Seat Care

    Mercedes-Benz Leather Care is a complete beauty treatment for fine leather. A rich cleansing and conditioning formula, Leather Care cleans away surface contaminants, restores the original suppleness and beauty of the leather, and nourishes and protects against damaging UV rays with an invisible coating - all in one application.

    Be sure to vacuum the inside of your vehicle frequently, and use seat covers if you're worried about discoloration from contact.

  • Paint Care

    Mercedes-Benz has achieved the highest standard of paint finish on our vehicles, providing greater luster and longer lasting protection than ever before. The finish on your Mercedes-Benz is extraordinarily durable, and to keep it stunning requires just a bit of regular care.

    Removing Contaminants

    Scratches, swirl marks, and common surface contaminants - including vehicle exhaust, insecticides, industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird and insect deposits, and ocean salt - can compromise your vehicle's finish and, if left untreated, make even vibrant colors look faded and dull.

    To evaluate your paint finish, run a clean, dry hand along your vehicle's clean surface. It should feel as smooth as glass. If it doesn't, you're feeling bonded contaminants.

    Regular attention with Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products will remove this contamination. To reduce surface damage, park your vehicle in the garage whenever possible or use a vehicle cover, available at your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

    Learn how Mercedes-Benz Small Repair services can help restore your vehicle's paint in the event that it´s compromised.


  • Wheel Care

    Effective Wheel Care

    Sure, the wheels on your Mercedes-Benz were designed to grab attention, but more importantly, they were engineered to connect you to the road. That´s why it´s important to use an effective cleaning product like Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection Wheel Care, formulated to keep your wheels in peak condition, and available at your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. 

    • Wet the wheel with a strong spray of water
    • Spray Wheel Care onto the wheel, covering completely
    • Agitate the surface with a soft bristle brush
    • Rinse with another strong spray of water and wipe dry
    • Apply only when wheels are cool to the touch
  • Car Care and the Environment

    Regular car care goes beyond your vehicle´s surfaces. By adhering to the schedules in your Maintenance Manuals, following your Mercedes-Benz service technician´s recommendations, and driving as eco-friendly as possible, you can ensure you are not only taking care of your vehicle, but the environment as well.