What does it mean to "Grow up''?

It’s a good question. Throughout our lives, we’re told to do things a certain way. But maybe a modern life isn’t about following tradition. It’s about re-defining it. Who says adulthood should stand in the way of our freedom?

Grow up. Spend time with family.

Balancing family duties and personal happiness, the story follows a local skateboarder who explores the complex dynamic of leading a non-conformist lifestyle and living in the moment, while struggling to accept expectations set by his family. 

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Grow up. Take a weekend trip.

Duties of work and family responsibilities can be a heavy burden to bear. The video follows the journey of a man on the brink of collapse who takes a weekend trip for self-reflection as he frantically tries to reclaim his peace of mind.

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Grow up. Work hard.

A creative young Arab female artist fearlessly chases the recognition and independence she deserves, yet struggles to receive it from those who are closest to her. 

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