Mercedes-Benz combines outstanding performance with superior fuel consumption figures. In doing this, we demonstrate once again the truth of our claim, “The best or nothing”. With plug-in hybrid vehicles and future electric vehicles Mercedes-Benz is ideally placed to meet the customer requirements of today and tomorrow.

Why we’re electrifying cars.

The world keeps turning. And with it, people’s demands and needs keep changing – not least where mobility is concerned. Electrification of mobility, regardless of whether fully or partially electric, means increased driving dynamics and reduced fuel consumption – for a contemporary driving experience. But it is not just for our customers that Electrification of mobility represents a step forward. For us at Mercedes-Benz, too, there are many good reasons for driving forward the electrification of the car. The rigorous statutory CO2 limits for fleet fuel consumption as well\ as our own aspirations in the field of sustainable mobility are only the beginning.

The future drives Mercedes.

People who want a new form of mobility no longer must compromise on quality: at Mercedes-Benz, the family of plug-in hybrid vehicles ranges from the C-Class to the S-Class. These are vehicles which are already highly regarded for their well-known strengths and whose electric power systems now give them another curtain upeven further advancements on a vehicle fleet which sets the standard for the competition.

Stylish vehicles powered by the right technology.

In plug-in hybrid vehicles, both the electric motor and the combustion engine are connected to the drive train. This arrangement allows the vehicle’s High Voltage battery to be recharged not only regeneratively, but also via a power socket or a charging station. Thanks to the high-capacity High Voltage battery, longer routes can also be covered using electric power only. The S 500 e represents a further milestone on the road to emission-free mobility. The world’s first luxury saloon to consume less than 3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers sets new standards for efficiency, refinement and climate comfort. It enables locally emission-free city driving while remaining ideal for everyday use with typical S-Class comfort and convenience.

Innovative down to the smallest detail.

Inventing new technologies, supporting them and making them accessible to everybody – these have always been defining aspects of the ethos of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Numerous innovations, in the field of safety, for example, have impressively demonstrated this time and time again. This also characterises our approach to the field of electric mobility: whether battery technology, electric motors, hybrid modules or the interlinking of systems – the technological solutions from Mercedes-Benz have one factor in common which can be found in even the smallest detail: they are typically Mercedes.

Safe, fast, convenient charging.

To charge your Plug-in Hybrid model you can either utilise a power cable which plugs into a normal wall socket or you can have your very own charging station at home with a Mercedes-Benz wall box.

The advantage of the wall box is that it halves the charging time when compared to the wall socket charger. The option to purchase a wall box from Mercedes-Benz ensures installation is carried out professionally and is compatible with current Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. To find out more simply visit your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership.

In addition, you can also utilize the charging stations available in your city. Currently, there are charging stations in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.