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  • How are the warranty conditions for imported Mercedes-Benz cars?

    All Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars are covered by a two years/unlimited mileage international warranty, where the warranty starts from the initial registration date of the vehicle in the country of purchase (proof of initial registration is required). Please note that the warranty coverage can be affected, hold or void based on the options equipped on the vehicle, current condition of the car, its history and local legal regulations.

    Link to the already existing warranty explanations on our website: “Warranty"

  • Why should I buy a vehicle in the local market?

    All Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars sold through the local Authorized Mercedes-Benz General Distributors comply with valid legal requirements (“GCC specs” defined by the GCC Standardization Organization). Additionally the cars are equipped with options which are suitable for the market. Vehicles imported from other countries or regions very often differ in the equipment and functions which may lead to limited reliability and functionality of certain systems. Also the manufacturer´s warranty coverage could be reduced or rejected in case non-homologated systems fail due to different market and operation conditions. Additional service programs, e.g. Extended Warranty or Service Packages, Free break down assistance, etc., offered by the local Authorized Mercedes-Benz General Distributors will usually not be provided for imported vehicles. Vehicles that are not known to the local sales organizations can be very difficult to track in the event of safety related recalls or campaigns.

  • What are “GCC specs”? What is the difference to vehicles sold in other countries without “GCC specs”?

    First of all “GCC specifications” are a legal requirement defined by the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO). GSO clearly stipulates with which options a vehicle must be equipped. All Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars sold through the local Authorized Mercedes-Benz General Distributors comply with valid regional legal requirements. Additionally the manufacturer automatically links certain options required for a proper operation of the vehicle in the region considering the harsh climate conditions, vehicle operation and available fuel quality. Vehicles produced for other countries or regions will only comply with the regulations and requirements valid for the market where they were initially sold.

    Different and complex worldwide requirements result in a huge variety of options, systems and technologies used in different countries. Typical differences to vehicles equipped with “GCC specs” could be: Fuel management caused by different fuel quality and availability, adapted service intervals and service scope, usage of regionally required tires or no spare tire, no proper Arabic documentation, usage of systems which operate on frequencies not approved in the region (e.g. Driving Assistance Systems, Radio), no local navigation map data content, different Air Conditioning systems (including refrigerants), etc

  • Can I extend my car warranty?

    We recommend you to contact your local Authorized Mercedes-Benz General Distributor and check the available extended warranty programs which fit to your needs.

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