A noise becomes a feeling. Listening becomes experiencing. The rich sound of the new sports exhaust system alone is reason enough to open the roof of the SLC. Each drive program has its own soundtrack: emotively appealing and intense, from powerful roaring through to a deep timbre.

A driving masterpiece.

With its sporty tuning the suspension offers an astonishing symbiosis of agility and ride comfort as standard. For an even more sporty driving experience the Dynamic Handling package with the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) is available for selection. The Direct-Steer system and the ESP® Curve Dynamic Assist increase agility, ride comfort and directional stability. The damping system has the three basic settings Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, which can be chosen via DYNAMIC SELECT. On each individual wheel the damping force is continuously and automatically adjusted to the current driving situation.

Transmission: driving desire.

The automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC is a milestone
 in the field of transmission technology: with nine forward gears, this automatic transmission combines efficiency, comfort and dynamics at an entirely new level. Even faster gear changes and smoother gear shifting make it an enticing proposition. At the same time, 9G-TRONIC helps to reduce fuel consumption. For powerful, fast, short bursts of speed the 9G-TRONIC can skip individual gears when changing down.

The engine: sound of power.

Powerful. Fast. Superb. Yet very modest with it. Its engines lend the new SLC an inner strength that perfectly complements its captivating looks. The 4-cylinder petrol engines with a displacement 2.0, direct petrol injection, variable valve control and turbocharging are lively and powerful. The combination of the third-generation Mercedes-Benz high-pressure direct injection system with precise piezo injectors and the enhanced spray-guided combustion process facilitates virtually total combustion and thus allows the fuel to be used particularly efficiently.

Sports exhaust system: the sound for the track.

With a sportily tuned exhaust system enhances the roadster experience with a spectacular engine sound inside and out. This is made possible by the modified structure of the exhaust silencer system: via the integral exhaust gas flap the sound characteristics adapt to the drive program chosen via DYNAMIC SELECT. Every driving experience is thus given an optimum acoustic backdrop: powerfully increasing and rich when accelerating. The sports exhaust system is installed as standard in the SLC 200 and SLC 300 and it is part of the standard AMG Line.