The design of the new SLC works like an amplifier on the synapses and sense of sight. Long nose, short overhangs – the silhouette is muscular and sensationally dynamic when open and closed. Joie de vivre right down the line, starting with a distinctive front with a diamond radiator grille and chrome wing, brilliantly brought to a conclusion by an expressive tail end.

The Exterior: applause from the eyes.

As muscular as never before, the cult roadster further underlines its sporty presence. The front end also conveys an emphatically expressive impression - the steep diamond radiator grille in black with louvre in iridium silver and chrome trim can also be individualised further. Powerful proportions define the rear end with its athletically shaped wings. Accentuated by restyled tail lights in a slimmer shape. A look that leaves a resounding impression.

The interior: Comfortissimo.

Anyone taking a seat in the new SLC immediately shoots to the top. Agility and comfort come together to form an unbeatable team and positively demand you to drive with the top down - after all, the dynamic interior design deserves to be shown. Visual and tactile highlights include the upholstery with, among other things, a new range of leather in a sports seat upholstery layout or carbon-grain aluminium trim. Particularly impressively showcased by the ambient lighting, which strikes the right tone of your mood if you wish.

Feel the sunny breeze, or switch on the shade.

All it takes to open and close the electrohydraulically operated folding vario-roof in under 20 seconds is the press of a button. The only question that remains is which roof variant to choose. The optional panoramic vario-roof offers a virtually clear view of the sky even when closed – and makes the car’s interior seem lighter and roomier. In conjunction with MAGIC SKY CONTROL it provides an open-air feeling at the push of a button even with the roof closed. The glass roof changes its light and energy transmission capability instantaneously.