The SL does not hide its qualities. With all the roof variants the opening and closing procedure started when moving off can be completed up to a speed of 40 km/h. The SL thus transforms the horizon into an endless sky. Everyday life has long since disappeared from view. The new fully power-adjustable boot separator even takes care of your luggage. Open-air driving pleasure, even outside the cabriolet season – thanks to the AIRSCARF neck-level heating available on request and the electric draught-stop.

MAGIC SKY CONTROL: always closest to the sky.

The SL combines the unparalleled driving pleasure of a roadster with the suitability for everyday use and quiet-running characteristics of a coupé. The panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL creates an open-air feeling when the roof is closed. It changes from dark to transparent or vice versa within a few seconds. Opening/closing is possible while moving up to a speed of 40 km/h.

Active Body Control (ABC) with curve tilting function: the ABC of supreme suspension technology.

Enhanced ride comfort combined with optimised driving dynamics – the optional Active Body Control (ABC) with curve tilting function suspension performs this balancing act with the aid of four hydraulic active suspension struts. The chassis includes a curve tilting function which causes the vehicle to lean inwards up to 2.65 degrees, similar to a motorbike reducing the perceived lateral forces. This configuration results in reduced pitching when moving off, braking and diminished rolling during cornering. In other words, the SL hugs the road for all it’s worth. And the effective damping ensures a high level of ride comfort, even when set to a sporty mode.

Automatic boot separator.

With the automatic boot separator the SL proves that even legends reinvent themselves over and over again. Up until now the separator between the boot and the vario-roof could only be moved into an opened or closed position by hand. Now this procedure is carried out automatically. If the separator is in the upper position (for increased boot capacity), it automatically moves down when the top is opened. On the other hand, the automatic boot separator returns to the upper position when the flap is opened. The system operates extremely safely.


This neck-level heating makes open-top driving a pleasure even at low temperatures. Through air outlets in the head restraints, pleasantly warm air is 'wrapped' around the necks of the driver and front passenger like an invisible scarf. The desired temperature can be set in three stages.

LED Intelligent Light System.

The restyled dynamic Led High Performance headlamps radiate good looks and intelligence. With an exceptional day and night design and with something you can expect from a Mercedes-Benz: sophisticated and efficient technology. The LED Intelligent Light System boasts very low energy consumption and a long service life. But above all, it offers even greater visibility and safety.