Allow yourself to be inspired by an iconic design that celebrates present-day open-air luxury and sportiness. A legendary sports car tradition, dynamically transported into the present time with the latest suspension technology. The new-generation SL.

Energy in its most thrilling guise.

This Mercedes amongst roadsters impresses with effortless superiority which seeks to prove nothing. The timeless silhouette, elegance in what is probably its purest yet sportiest form. Extremely progressive, when the SL with the AMG Line available on request draws up.


A legend shows its true face.

Change down, change up a gear, short sharp burst of speed. Take a breather – only you have time to do that. The automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC available on the SL 400 and SL 500 leaves no second unused. It transmits the SL’s output quickly, precisely and without any interruptions to power. And so smoothly that you hardly notice it.


Its open secret.

The SL does not hide its qualities. With all the roof variants the opening and closing procedure started when moving off can be completed up to a speed of 40 km/h. The SL thus transforms the horizon into an endless sky. Everyday life has long since disappeared from view. The new fully power-adjustable boot separator even takes care of your luggage. Open-air driving pleasure, even outside the cabriolet season – thanks to the AIRSCARF neck-level heating available on request and the electric draught-stop.


It’s reinventing itself. Just like the first time.

Interpreting traditions in a thrilling new guise. Driving innovation forever onwards. The SL was and is the expression of a strong drive: passion. For a unique driving experience and maximum safety and comfort standards. Manifested in our grand idea of autonomous and accident-free driving: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive.


Beneath it roads turn into legends.

Celebrate every bend, savour the rising, wavy coastal roads and every metre of smooth asphalt in town. From comfortable to extremely sporty, your memories of a drive in the SL are entirely up to you. A further chapter in an illustrious history - by you.


The SL models.

What a view – accentuated as standard with the expressive AMG bodystyling. The two powerdomes on the bonnet attest to the power that lurks beneath. Nearly 300 lbs lighter than its predecessor, the sophisticated body structure of the 2016 SL is crafted almost entirely from diecast, chilled-cast, hydroformed and extruded aluminum. With 20% greater rigidity, it tips the scales in favor of greater safety, comfort, and most of all, athletic performance.