S-Class Cabriolet

Youʼre allowed to weaken here. As you gaze at the exclusive detail, stroke the soft leather, and marvel at the superlative manufacturing quality, all of the instruments and displays have a top-class glazed finish. The Touch Control buttons react to your every movement as if they could read your mind.
  • Interior

    ENERGIZING Comfort control.

    The ambient lighting is networked with other comfort systems to create precisely defined programs to increase performance and well-being during the journey. Three programs each focus on refreshing climate control with strong air flow, stimulating music or training videos that animate the viewer to join in. Three further programs are specifically designed to relax the driver – in conjunction with further optional equipment, the armrests and steering wheel are heated or ENERGIZING massage functions with a pleasant warmth are used.

    Burmester® high-end surround sound.

    13 high-performance speakers as well as electronics and acoustic features tailored specifically to the vehicle make for the first-class Burmester sound. The surround function and the sound optimisation for the front and rear seats provide an even more intensive listening experience.

    Ambient lighting in 64 colours.

    Futuristic displays in HD resolution, select materials, generous sense of spaciousness – this unique atmosphere in the S-Class Cabriolet spectacularly showcases the ambient lighting also during journeys at night. For example, the indirect LED light complements the elegant lines of the trim and goes one step further: The light showcases the interior like a work of art by composing different colours to form colour schemes. This creates emotively appealing contrasts and structures the interior in three levels. Eight colour schemes each combine two colours. They are initially orientated towards the display style of the Widescreen Cockpit, either classic, sporty or progressive. The upper part with Widescreen Cockpit and the lower part with footwell are illuminated in the same colour.

    Active Multicontour Seat package.

    Thanks to inflatable air chambers, the active multicontour seats with ENERGIZING massage function and dynamic function ensure optimum seating comfort and outstanding lateral support. That is why they are recommended by AGR, a German spinal health organisation. The massage programs enhance well-being, also using heat according to the principle of a relaxing hot-stone massage. The driver and front passenger are able to adjust the air chambers in the lumbar and shoulder areas individually to suit their personal physique.

  • Exterior


    When the soft top is down, AIRCAP reduces turbulence in the interior, also for passengers in the rear. When the AIRCAP switch is pressed, a wind louvre on the windscreen pops up and the draught-stop positioned behind the rear head restraints is extended upwards. This enlarges the curvature of the airflow over the passenger compartment. Air swirls and noise level can thus be reduced appreciably. The draught-stop is retracted or extended together with the wind louvre via a button on the centre console.

    Unique day and night design.

    A new and exceptional day and night design is created by the inclusion of fine Swarovski crystals in the headlamps of the LED Intelligent Light System. The crystals' fascinating play of light in the indicators and daytime running lamps provides striking visual highlights and emphasises the unique nature of the vehicle. The turn indicator with 30 Swarovski crystals emphasises the eye-catching lines of the headlamps. 17 crystals shine resplendent in the daytime running lamps immediately below. A Swarovski crystal on the front centre console adds a touch of sparkle to the interior.