E-Class Cabriolet

The fully automatic fabric acoustic soft top controls itself elegantly, blending in seamlessly with the sporty silhouette. It makes the new E-Class Cabriolet not only one of the most sensual, but also one of the quietest cars in its class. This quiet operation marks the start of true all-year-round enjoyment, made complete by options such as AIRCAP and AIRSCARF, which defy wind and weather when the roof is down.

Premium-class fabric soft top.

The fabric soft top is a fully automatic acousic soft top as standard. Its multi-layered structure with sophisticated insulation reduces wind and driving noise, which makes it easy for the occupants to hear each other talk, even when driving at high speed. The soft-top structure has an equally positive effect when it comes to climate comfort and makes the Cabriolet suitable for use all year round.

AIRSCARF. Comfortable open-top driving.

This neck-level heating makes open-top driving a pleasure even at low temperatures. Through air outlets in the head restraints, pleasantly warm air is 'wrapped' around the necks of the driver and front passenger like an invisible scarf. The desired intensity can be set in three stages.The airflow is controlled according to the AIRSCARF level selected by the customer and, with the roof open, also according to the driving speed. 

AIRCAP. Unexpected comfort, even in unseasonable weather.

When the soft top is down, AIRCAP reduces turbulence in the interior, also for passengers in the rear. When the AIRCAP switch is pressed, a wind louvre on the windscreen pops up and the draught-stop positioned behind the rear head restraints is extended upwards. This enlarges the curvature of the airflow over the passenger compartment. Air swirls and noise level can thus be reduced appreciably. The draught-stop is retracted or extended together with the wind louvre via a button on the centre console.

Widescreen Cockpit.

Two optionally available high-resolution 12.3-inch displays (31.2 cm,1920 x 720 pixel resolution)  merge beneath a shared glass cover to create a widescreen that appears to be floating in thin air but nevertheless blends in smoothly between the upper and lower sections of the cockpit. The driver can choose from three different styles for the virtual instruments in the instrument cluster: "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive".

Multibeam LED headlamps.

MULTIBEAM LED enables quick, precise adjustment of the driving lights to the current road and traffic conditions. The light can always be switched on precisely where it is required via 84 LEDs which are each individually controllable. A total of four control units calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times per second using information provided by a camera positioned behind the windscreen. The innovative technology extends and perfects the familiar functions of the Intelligent Light System. In high-beam mode, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus enables continuous long-range illumination of the carriageway ahead without causing dazzle. 

Wireless charging system: power supply without cables or charging cradle.

The wireless charging system functions with all mobile devices which support or can be upgraded to support the Qi standard. The charging surface is integrated into the quick stowage tray in the front on the centre console and accepts mobile phones with a screen diagonal of up to 15.2 cm (6 inches). A connection is quickly established between the multimedia system and mobile phone via Near Field Communication (NFC) by touching the "NFC" logo. Telephone calls are then conducted automatically via the Bluetooth® hands-free system.