GLE Coupé

Inconspicuous. Resting in itself. That, too, is the GLE Coupé. It is already equipped with automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC. An innovation you will barely notice –so smooth are the gear changes, so low the revs. This quiet and serenity: the result of maximum effortless superiority.

Charged with our best ideas: The engines.

Our engineers get much more than just hp from three litres of displacement: the V6 biturbo engine in the GLE 400 4MATIC Coupé achieves an output of 245 kW(333 hp), but impresses above all with its extremely high torque in virtually every driving situation. The maximum possible 480 Nm are available between 1600 and 4000 rpm. This facilitates astonishingly low engine speeds.

9G-TRONIC. The driving force masquerading as a transmission.

With nine forward gears, the 9G-TRO NIC automatic transmission enables efficiency, comfort and dynamism of an entirely new dimension. Its high efficiency helps to reduce fuel consumption. The larger ratio range allows a reduction in engine speed. Performance remains excellent while ride comfort is enhanced and noise levels are cut. The reduced intervals between the gears lead to faster gear changes and enhanced spontaneity and agility. As the 9G-TRONIC is able to skip individual gears, multiple downshifts are possible for fast and powerful sprints.

Emotional intelligence: the AIRMATIC package.

With the Adaptive Damping System ADS PLUS, the air suspension AIRMATIC – available as standard or an option depending on the engine – reduces road roar and tyre vibration characteristics, whilst also ensuring excellent driving dynamics. The damping at each wheel is adapted to the driving situation and road surface condition.