The essence of She's Mercedes through a series of powerful portraits

Exceptional women from different fields and industries give us their personal insights into topics all around business and private life, as well as how to successfully balance the two.

Amal Dabbas

People have come to know Amal Dabbas for her theatre plays and comic roles. It comes as no surprise as her endearing smile unlocks the doors of their hearts every time she's on stage. Little do they know that Amal’s charming smile hides a journey of tears; a painful illness that almost crushed her beautiful soul. But against all odds, Amal decided to stand up and champion herself while facing this challenge and being the lead actress and director of her own life. Amal waved goodbye to sickness and has never looked back.


Khadijah Shurrab

She’s a regular and a strong woman much like others. What people see as obstacles, she sees as challenges that are necessary in the path to professional and personal success. Her late father had always been her role model. It may be difficult to draw inspiration from a person who passed away, but it just goes to show the genuine love that still lives in her heart, and inspires her every step of the way.


Iman Mutlaq

She believes anyone can achieve the impossible, only if they believe they can. "I can, I can, I can". This is her daily morning internal dialogue. She's not a quitter, doesn't cry over the past, and is for sure not a fan of chasing other people's goals. Other people would have been broken if they faced the family and career situations she had to face. She, on the other hand, became stronger, more persistent and inspired. Inspired that happiness doesn't come from material objects, but rather from deep within each of us. Somewhere nice and warm deep down our hearts to which no one but ourselves can add or take from.


Amal Zureikat

"There's no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!" A simple philosophy that she embraced to live a big life, enjoying each challenge and celebrating overcoming it. Her biggest joy was the day she become the first woman in the world from outside New York to get the American board of periodontology. Her mother was her supporter when she was young, then her husband became her main supporter in her different life stages. That might be what pushed her towards volunteer work, to help those with no support.


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