Mercedes-Benz introduces what3words voice navigation.

Mercedes-Benz is the first car company to integrate what3words into its in-car navigation systems. what3words is the simplest way to talk about location: every 3m x 3m in the world has a unique 3 word address. Now, drivers with compatible models can now say or type in a 3 word address to get directions to a precise location – a restaurant front door, an airport car park entrance or a remote beachside viewpoint – anywhere in the world.

The Beginning

Why don’t addresses work well for navigation systems?

Input hassles: Many street addresses are too long and complicated for easy text input, and voice systems often struggle to pull up the correct destination, especially if you have an accent.
Lack of accuracy: Have you ever given your navigation system an address, only for it not to be recognised, or take you to the wrong place? Perhaps you ended up at the back of a building instead of the front entrance, or at a completely different street with the same name.
They don’t cover everywhere: How many of the places you need to navigate to have no address at all? Parks, beaches, sports fields and car parks, for example, are off-limits for navigation systems.
Language barrier: Street addresses can only be used in the local language. Visitors to a country often struggle to use navigation systems, and mispronounced addresses can direct drivers far from their intended destination.

Mercedes-Benz has the solution.

The adoption of what3words shows the company’s commitment to a premium and intuitive customer experience and sees Mercedes-Benz leading the way in destination input. what3words voice navigation enables:

- Quick precise navigation and easy to enter, by voice or text
- Precision navigation to specific entrances
- Navigate to places that don’t have a street address
- Share accurate pick-up and drop-off locations easily
- Navigate in any of 14 languages, anywhere in the world
- Built-in error detection prevents mistakes

The Beginning
The Beginning

How do I use what3words voice navigation?

what3words removes the frustration often associated with in-car navigation, providing a smoother and more enjoyable overall experience for drivers. Once you know the 3 word address of your destination, use the voice command “Navigate to what3words” followed by the three words.

Note system requirements:
MBUX: Ensure connectivity is available, vehicle is linked to Mercedes me account, and the services “Global Search” and “Voice Assistant” are activated.
Latest COMAND generation: Ensure connectivity is available, vehicle is linked to Mercedes me account, and the service “Local Search” is activated.

Which cars currently offer what3words?

All new Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles have what3words technology integrated into their infotainment systems. Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the latest COMAND can be what3words-enabled via an over-the-air update, as long as they are linked to Mercedes me and Local Search is activated.

Cars with MBUX infotainment system:
Sprinter Van (MBUX as an option)

The Beginning
The Beginning

Where do I get a 3 word address?

More and more businesses are displaying 3 word addresses on their websites, email signatures and business cards. You’ll also find them in travel guides, and be sent them by friends and family.

Always ask for a 3 word address for where you’re going, and always give a 3 word address when you plan trips with others. You’ll spend less time lost, and find your destination more easily.

To find your home 3 word address, download the free what3words app for iOS or Android and follow the instructions.